Cycleworld – Structural Insulated Panel Manufacturing Expertise

Cycleworld Company Front View

Cycleworld is founded in 1993 by Mr. Benny Choy Kian Seng and Mr. Lim Lai Huat, which has achieved their goals in terms of customers satisfaction, energy sustainability and most important environment friendly. Cycleworld is a leading polyurethane panel manufacturer in South East Asia. Its aim is to create a green and eco-friendly concept for building and industrial projects as global warming is a major concern for the world at current. Its products have resulted in energy efficiency thus reducing cost significantly for building and industrial professionals to optimize usage of energy in an intelligent manner.

By adopting this concept, it will create a better and healthier environment to live in. Cycleworld aims to continuously pursue research and development programs to manufacture quality and competitive products.

From the Board of Directors

In our effort to be the leading manufacturer of polyurethane panels, we continually enhance our products, which are manufactured in accordance to strict certified standards.

We constantly keep abreast with technology, investing in the latest and advanced equipment to achieve the desired standards set by the company. We are one of the first companies bold enough to convert from using conventional gas to CFC-free types. We emphasis on R&D and work closely with chemical supplies in coming up with the best solutions. These form the basic formula of success that we strongly adhere to since our inception way back in 1993.

As manufacturer of Cycle prefabricated polyurethane panels for use in Walk/Drive-in Coldstore, Meat Processing Plant, Air-Conditioned Store Room, Clean Room, Timber Drying Kiln, Hot Room, Container Cabin, Telecommunication Shelter, Insulated Body Truck and Sectional Pipe, we have the foresight of diversifying to other fields of industry such as the food industry, housing and development and so forth.

With the combination of expertise, strength, resources and support of our dedicated and loyal staff, we are confident of a dynamic success. Together, we will strive for excellence.

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