Structural Insulated Panel Machines

The Only PU Panel Manufacturer in South East Asia with Manni Hydraulic Presses


Machineries play an important role in the manufacturing of insulation materials and solutions. And with the right machineries, one can achieve the production of a lot more insulated panels in a single run whilst maintaining product quality and excellence. This makes the end product more affordable than before – an economy of scale principle Cycleworld abides by. Therefore, this explains why Cycleworld houses the best machineries money can buy and the include:

  • 2 units of Manni Oleogynamic press type 2+2 & a 4 day light automated line manufactured in Italy.
  • 1 set of semi-auto 4 day light & 6 day light hydraulic press machines, also manufactured in Italy.
  • 2 units of high pressure injection machine of type 100 and 200 respectively.
  • 1 unit of low pressure injection machine.
  • 3 units of locally assembled 3 day light hydraulic press.
  • Plus other associated supporting machineries.