Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) Series

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The Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) series has a wide variety of application such as cold room, general food storage, freezer chamber, portable cabin, telecommunication shelter, refrigerated truck and many more.

The SIP is an integrated family of sandwich panels which are designed for a quick assembly and dismantle for site enlargement or movement. The panel configuration has been reduced to a minimum which maximize the design possibilities in term of space and cost.

SIP commercial and industrial panels can be used to construct clean rooms and controlled environment test chambers with special windows and doors for the clean room industry as well.

FastFix 3000 – Product Specification

Standard FastFix 3000 Series Structural Insulated Panels use High Grade Galvanized Prepainted Steel Sheets meeting JIS3312 CGCC Standard for SIP Skins. Finishing is off-white polyster coating with removable protective film. The metal skins are roll-foamed for added strength. Optional finishing of Stainless Steel, Stucco Aluminum and etc are available on request.

The FastFix 3000 Series can be applied to the following places:

  • Walk-in / Industrial Cold Store
  • Food Processing Plant / Factory
  • Electronic / Pharmaceutical Clean Room
  • Timber Drying Klin
  • IT-Lab and Classroom
  • Homes and Cabins
Panel Properties
Panel Dimension

1130mm width x any length upon request

Panel Thickness 50mm / 75mm / 100mm / 150mm / 200mm /250mm
Weight Depends on Thickness

Steel 0.36mm / 0.45mm / 0.5mm / 0.6mm / 0.7mm thick.
Paint of polyster, silicone modified polyster
Colour: Off-white (other colours and finishes available on request*)

Available in a range of colours and finishes.

Aluminium and Stainless Steel*
*Subject to minimum quantities ordered.

Joints Finger Joint
Sealents Non-setting butyl / silicone
Physical Properties
Property Results
Core Density (Kg/m2) 40 – 42
Thermal Conductivity (W/m°K) 0.018 – 0.020
Tensile Strength (KPa) 300 – 500
Bending Strength (KPa) 550 – 560
Shear Strength (KPa) 120 – 300
Modulus of Elasticity (MPa) 3.0 – 8.5
Water Absorption (Volume change %) <2
Closed Cell Content (%) >90
Water Vapor Transmission (Perm-in) 1.8 – 3.8
Flash Point (°c) 300
Stable Operating Temperature (°c) -40 to +80

FastFix 2000 – Product Specification

Load Bearing Wall Panel
Physical Properties
Panel Dimension

Standard Width: 1120mm

Standard Length: 2440mm

Panel Thickness 65mm (±1kg)
Injected Density 40 (±5kg/m3)
Polyurethane (PU) Properties
Compression Strength 100 – 300 (Kpa)
Thermal Conductivity 0.018 – 0.020 (W/mK)
Closed Cells 90% – 95%
Flash Point 300°c
Stable Operating Temp -60°c to +80°c
Fire Retardant Grade B3 (Self-extingushing)
Test & Standards Achieved
Fire Propagation (BS 476 Part 6) Index of Performance 1=0
Surface Spread of Flame (BS 476 Part 7) Class 1 (No ignition)
Malaysian Fire Department Classification (BOMBA) Class 0
Load Bearing Test Result Nominal: 23kN Maximum: 52kN

FastFix 100/FastFix 500 – Product Specification

FastFix 100/FastFix 500 is designed and manufactured with state-of-the-art bonding of CFC-Free Rigid Polyurethane injected between two (PPGI) Pre-painted Galvanized Sheets.

The complete light weight insulation system is ideal for use as wall cladding and roof on house, schools commercial buildings, air conditioned warehouses and other applications.

It provides excellent heat insulation, fast and easy installation. FastFix 100/FastFix 500 is the perfect choice.

Physical Properties
Items Spefication (+/-)
Thickness of PPGI

  • External – corrugated surface
  • Internal – Flat with groove
  • 0.3mm~0.4mm TCT
  • 0.25mm TCT
Grade of PPGI JIS G3312
Finish coat of PPGI Matt / Semi-Gloss Polyester
Mass per Unit Area 7.92kg / M2
Effective coverage width 750mm
Insulation Properties
Type of insulation Bonded Rigid Polyurethane
Thickness of insulation 20mm / 25mm / 40mm
Insulation density 30-35kg / m3
Insulation Grade CFC Free
Thermal Conductivity (K) 0.022W / m°K
Thermal Resistance (R) 0.95m2°K / E